My Place Home is company, which is the result of our passion for widely understood real estate. Our many years of experience in the market lead to recognition of a gap which is an individual approach to each case. In the rush of orders it is often forgotten that the main aim is customer's satisfaction and not cold calculation of gains, losses and potential opportunities. My Place Home is a company in which we would like everyone to find „their place" in connection to their own needs of the real estate market. We want it to be a place where one can get both advice and comprehensive services regardless of budget and the nature of the order. I invite all those interested in buying, renting, selling  property, managing or administrating properties to contact us  at +48 883-910-075. If you prefer to contact us by email, please send your message to: We would like to emphasize that consultations are completely free and are not associated with any hidden costs. They are an ideal opportunity to clarify the needs of our customers. Real Estate Broker - license no.20325

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